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SA 8000 Certification

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NGOs, financial analysts, and other stakeholders, such as your employees, are increasingly assessing your company’s dedication to preserving a fair and equal workplace and open business processes. Because of this environment, your company will be asked to show its social responsibility more frequently. The SA8000 standard from Social Accountability International is the one that is most frequently accepted on a global scale for managing human rights at work. It offers a framework for reassuring all of your stakeholders that social accountability is being managed by your management and is the first auditable standard suited for organisations of all sizes anywhere in the world.

Who needs SA 8000 certification ?  

Any organisation, anywhere in the world, can apply for SA 8000 Certification. The SA 8000 Certification will assist the company in fostering and enhancing social accountability throughout all operations. The SA 8000 standard suggests that an organisation must take into account the social impact of its activities in addition to its internal standards.

Instant Business Growth

Both small and large organizations can utilize this


More effective internal management

Reduced waste

A rise in production, efficiency, and profit

Reduces errors

Increased service and product quality

Improved delivery and production schedule
Annual evaluations uphold standards.
SA 8000 Certification standards Advantages
  • Demonstrates your dedication to upholding social responsibility and treating your employees morally and in accordance with international standards.
  • Inhances the performance and control of your supply chain
  • Allows you to assure compliance with international standards, lowers the danger of carelessness, public exposure, and potential legal action.
  • Builds and strengthens the adherence of your stakeholders, including your workers, customers, and customers, to your corporate vision.
  • Enables you to show appropriate social responsibility whether submitting a bid for contracts abroad or growing locally to take on new business.

What is the cost of SA 8000 certification ?

 The expenses of the SA8000 inspection rely on a variety of criteria, including your company’s complexity, even though it must be carried out in accordance with predefined guidelines. Therefore, there isn’t a single deal that works for all businesses.

Our Advice

B2BCert offers comprehensive knowledge for numerous auditing and certification services in important markets. For businesses needing social compliance programmes and management system standards, we provide as a one-stop solution provider. Our inspectors and auditors are obligated to abide by our stringent Code of Conduct as part of our dedication to providing services of the highest calibre. This guarantees that the skilled, impartial, and independent expert advice they offer.

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